Perhaps, each cat will be interested in a self cleaning litter box. At least because it is not easy to organize cleanliness and freshness in a place where a pet does its business, especially, if you have several pets. Let’s take a closer look at this new invention – best self-cleaning litter box. How essential it is for four-footed friend you are realizing from self cleaning litter box reviews.

The most common benefits of self cleaning cat litter box

  • Do not have to shovel, scrape off the clotted lumps of filler, and also wash the dirty tray;
  • The self cleaning litter box looks fresh, it does not give off an unpleasant smell; hence, the cat goes there more willingly, “misses” happen less often;
  • Some models allow you to automate tidying up entirely, you leave the cat for a long time alone (if it is necessary), without fearing that it will puzzle the entire tray and will walk away;
  • A few variants of best self cleaning cat litter box come with own filling granules, allowing you to save on filler, whose price is quite high;
  • It differs hygienic, especially indispensable in those houses where there are small children.
  • In general, the advantages are enough to buy a miracle invention.
  • Moreover, it is relatively inexpensive (especially if you take into account how much time and money it saves): from 10-15 to 25 thousand rubles. It is a proper price, which you can give for comfort. Let’s start in order.

The automatic cat litter box appeared not so long time ago. The most famous brands are:

  • Kopfgescheit;
  • Сatgenie;
  • Simply Clean;
  • Cat Litter Box.

Widely prevalent products have received recently, but many owners can say: it is not applicable for every cat. We will tell the reasons below.

Initially, the automatic litter box based on the universal principle: the animal did its business, the master came, pressed the pedal – and the water coming from the pipe washed away. Such species exist now. However, progress went further, maximally automating the process. Thanks to the built-in sensor, smart technology knows when the cat is in the tray. After a particular time after the pet has left it, the flushing is triggered. The time interval (usually 20 seconds) needed not to scare the cat with unexpectedly appeared water and respective noise.


Cat litter box self cleaning created from porcelain, or the familiar to all sanitation. The price is respective and proper. Most costs are compensated by the fact the self-cleaning litter box is also hygienically clean. In its manufacture, the material is ideally suited for such toilets.

Porcelain is the primary material for the production of the best self cleaning litter box. The budget option is plastic, which cleans well. The material resembles the one from which dry street closets are made. Automatic self-toilets can be designed in different color solutions, which are great assistants in selecting process of a self cleaning cat litter box suitable for the interior. Types and manufacturers are of three fundamentally different categories. They have a common feature – an independent discharge of excrement, without direct human participation:

  1. A self scooping litter box similar to the human, but filled with individual granules. For example, product Catgenie can be purchased on the owner’s website or official dealers. You do not need to pour the usual filler in the best self cleaning litter box. It is filled with individual granules, through which the liquid excrement flows down into the sink. A unique rotating scoop collects solid. The owner can set a convenient cleaning time: the tank itself will be washed, the granules will be cleaned and dry. This kind of best automatic litter box requires connection to sewerage and electricity. You can do it yourself or call a plumber. Convenient for almost every breed of cats and equipped with a sensor.
  2. An electric litter box is similar to the human without granules. It does not vary from toilets used by people, except that it is necessary to add the preferred filler there. You can and do without it, but many cats refuse to go to the tank, where they can’t dig. Here you can also include sensory toilets that do not require filler. They work like this: a cat comes in, does its own thing, then leaves. The sensor reads the presence. When the cat goes away the reservoir, the smart technician counts the set time and then produces the discharge. There are several disadvantages: the animal may be afraid of water, some cats ignore the restroom due to lack of filler, it is necessary to connect to the sewerage system, light, water pipe (this can be done by oneself). The most famous manufacturer is Kopfgescheit.
  3. Tray with a self-cleaning feature. The principle of operation: looks like a simple tray, but somewhat complicated. When the animal descends into it, a particular device will collect and send excrement to the lower reservoir, and the worker will again become clean. Purchasing individual bags for excrement is necessary. Once a week they will have to be cleaned, every day – to clean the tray, pulling a particular lever. One of the popular brands manufacturing similar products is Hagen smart sift. The manufacturer has another “highlight”: the auto-toilet is produced in the form of a cozy house that suits absolutely all breeds. It has a significant disadvantage: from the smell of spreading nowhere until you change the bag with waste.

There are a few widespread weaknesses:

  • Require extra costs for electricity and water, with self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Cats do not always like because of the noise, the pouring water, the periodically rotating surface of some models.
  • The pet can ignore no filler toilets;
  • When turning off the light or turning off the water supply, automatic toilets lose the main advantage – they stop cleaning themselves;
  • Some models can’t neutralize the unpleasant odor, although they take away the products of the animal’s vital activity in appearance.

    The Ultimate Approach for Dog House

    dog houseEven if your dog would like to go outside, they might not have the ability to control it. So it’s better to continue to keep your dog away from that point. It’s great if your dog can remain in his customary environment whenever you’re away. In contrast to popular belief a chained dog does not create a great guard dog.

    You’re likely quite knowledgeable about your dog’s territorial behavior. Dogs too have to learn proper social abilities and additionally it is possible that you teach your dog social skills. So first you’ll want to set your dog in the crate with his favourite toy for about one hour or so. A little dog will obviously only desire a little space but a larger dog will require a good deal of room to move around, and of course the magnitude of a shelter or best dog house in the kennel.

    You may choose to skip the house altogether for a bigger animal and just obtain a crate that is the suitable size for them. An additional thing that also important is the house must be effortless to work with. An indoor dog house isn’t necessarily likely to supply your animal with anything a little kennel wouldn’t provide.



William Samons
William Samons
William Samons is a certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and an author of numerous scientific publications. He knows everything about proper caring for animals and does his best educating pet owners on optimal pet health maintenance.


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