Every pet should have its bed. dog beds review – an integral online system attribute of living of the pet in an apartment or house. Such dog bed will help to keep the master bed intact and safe, not allowing the pet to gnaw or damage the elements of furniture. To choose the right chew proof dog bed, it is a recommendation that you read the necessary information on the subject.

To better understand the fact that a dog needs an indestructible dog bed, it is recommended to consider a few nuances. They will help to realize why a dog has a separate orthopedic dog bed:

  1. Comfortable sleep of man and pet. If the owner and dog sleep separately – this significantly improves the quality of sleep of both. With a joint rest, a pet often can not find a place: it turns, turns, which substantially hinders a person from falling asleep. It harms the health of the animal and the host;
  2. Hygiene. Without a dog, a man’s bed will become much neater and cleaner. The risk of parasites that the dog could take on a walk is significantly reduced.

Having once donated a new berth to the pet, the owner will forget about troubles forever. Over time, the dog will get used to the new elevated dog bed, settle in it and no longer want to return to the person’s bed.

Convenient options

Best dog beds can be purchased at a pet store, and exceptionally caring owners can personally make a raised dog bed for a pet. It does not require significant financial costs or a lot of time. Giant breeds can be built like a human bed, and a small dog is beneficial to make a soft stove. Below are convenient options for dogs of different sizes.

For large breeds

Dog beds for large dogs are called sunbeds. In their variety, they are presented by soft products, similar to litter. Several comfortable options for pet sleep:

  1. A bed with solid sides. The design of big dog beds is a solid bed base, on each side bounded by large beads. They are necessary for the reliable protection of the pet and the visual restriction of the puppy’s zone. Often performed in a rectangular shape, can be equipped with cushions, which dogs are very fond of;
  2. A bed with an open entrance. large dog beds also has side edges along the perimeter, except for one side: from this side the dog comes to the lounger. It is executed in the form of a rectangle with different colors. The internal mattress is filled with padding polyester or Holofiber, which allows the pet to relax during rest;
  3. A firm lounger. Made of durable plastic and suitable only for large breeds. The bed base has an anti-slip coating. Besides, the owner can additionally lay a soft mat inside the dog bed.

Well, if the best dog beds will have a perforation for air on the sides: so you can minimize the occurrence of an unpleasant odor from the pet.

For small breeds

Miniature dogs choose a sleeper much more natural because for them you can use cat’s couches. Today, manufacturers have taken care of the small size rocks, making them cozy and comfortable nests:

  • Soft stool with sides;
  • Cozy house with a roof;
  • A small arena;
  • Standard litter.

The soft bed material is well suited for Chihuahua, Toy Terrier, Spitz, and other miniature dogs. The dimensions of such a berth are 45×65 cm, so apart from the pet itself, his toys can fit here. The edges of small dog beds often have a height of 15 to 20 cm – this helps the dog to feel protected.

A house with a roof is often purchased exclusively for cats, but miniature dogs also do not mind sleeping on this bed. The heated dog beds are made of fabric, inside the house there is a soft place. kuranda dog beds are perfectly worn in a typewriter machine at a temperature of 30 degrees. dog beds are suitable for tiny puppies: the sides are made of soft, unstable material and look like pillows. The diameter of the round arena is 55 cm, which allows the small dog to settle well.

How to Accustom Your Pet

The best way to accustom a pet to a couch is to do this from childhood. As soon as the puppy has appeared in the house, it is necessary to show him his bed regularly. It is also worth stopping attempts to get on the master’s bed.

Many owners of small dogs, especially young couples, allow the pet to sleep with them. The situation changes radically when a child appears in the house. The dog begins to take offense, which it is thrown out of bed: for this, it is necessary to accustom the dog to independent sleep from an early age.

A few tips to help the dog to learn to own place:

  • Every time after meals, when the puppy starts to settle in the corner to sleep – you need to take it to the couch with the words “Place”;
  • Even if the toddler tries to escape, it is necessary to pat him and again place him on the bed for the dog;
  • It is unacceptable to keep your things on a dog’s stool, to punish a pet – this zone should belong only to the dog;
  • To speed up the training occasionally, you can put a treat on the couch.

Do not force the dog to lie on the bed: over time, he will develop a reflex, and he will sleep in the proper place.

Choice criteris

You can buy a quality dog bed in zoological shops, online resources, as well as directly from the manufacturer. When choosing a product, it is recommended to pay attention to the crucial points:

  • Construction: it can be a house, a deckhouse with boards, a riding arena or a heated litter;
  • Size: for large and small breeds sunbeds of different sizes sold. You need to choose the one on which the dog can lie down as it is convenient;
  • Material: plastic or fabric – to be decided by the owner;
  • Producer: today, in the pet products market, Ferplast, Jusi, Triol, Fop and others are engaged in the production of beds.
William Samons
William Samons
William Samons is a certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and an author of numerous scientific publications. He knows everything about proper caring for animals and does his best educating pet owners on optimal pet health maintenance.


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