People try to create comfortable living conditions for their pets. Cat house will be the best gift. After all, the animal needs a secluded corner where one can enjoy solitude. But you need to make the right choice so that later a useless piece of furniture does not appear in the house. The cat houses can be variously constructed and made of different materials.

People looks cat house, but often they have small dog and try to get small house for their friend. Here dog house page with goods for small dogs

Outdoor cat houses can look completely different. You should consider what they are:

  1. The most comfortable and most economical is a couch. It is a small sofa with a mattress. In principle, just a mat is also a couch. It has many shapes in the form of circles, rectangles, hearts, etc. They are made of various materials; they are woven, knitted, quilted.
  2. Hardly more difficult – a hammock. A small hammock with fasteners on four sides is entirely possible to make independently. You can hang it anywhere, for example, between the legs of a table or chair.
  3. Outdoor cat shelter in the form of a booth. Very much like a dog house. Also, there is a roof and a log. The only difference is that on a flat roof is arranged on a bench. A lap or a ladder can be attached to the wall. For upholstery inside and outside, a soft cloth used. On the functional, a more interesting design, understandable and straightforward, it can be done with your hand.
  4. A heated cat house made of cardboard (usually from boxes) is the most economical option. Short-lived, but very cheap. The hosts get rid of unnecessary boxes and at the same time diversifying the life of their pet. Homemade can be different every time. The form can be attached as a hut, castle or yurt. A cat is unlikely to appreciate it, but the owners will amuse.
  5. Miniature sofa, sofa or sofa. Imitation of furniture, only in a reduced form. Very touches the hosts themselves, although their wards are also appreciated.
  6. Adapted or built-in insulated outdoor cat house. When the furniture combines two functions, it serves a person for its intended purpose and at the same time is a refuge for cats. It can be a table with a thick table top, where the space for their cat house is organized, or a bedside table. Massive scope is for the imagination of designers.
  7. And, of course, the most exciting option is a gaming complex. Combines all of the above constructions, that is, there is directly the indoor cat houses itself, as well as shelves, stairs, nails, toys, etc. It takes up more space. In pet stores, a massive number of options offered. But you can build it yourself.

What materials can I use

It is necessary to consider in more detail what materials can be used in the construction of cat houses for sale:

  1. The frame. It is made for rigid structures, such as a booth or a complex. Used plywood, chipboard or wooden boards. For the sunbeds and hammocks, the natural fabric is taken. An indispensable condition should be the absence of unbranched odors since no cat to such a structure will even come close.
  2. Upholstery. The game complex, as a rule, completely, inside and out, is covered with fabric or other soft material. Booths can be embroidered with felt, artificial fur, and even carpet. The main thing is that the stuff is not strongly electrified from the animal’s fur. For sewing bedding and pads there are plush, velvet, bike and the like fabric.
  3. Fillers. Here we take up the couches and cushions. Foam, holofiber, padding polyester will be acceptable. But you can use individual granules.
  4. Sharpener for claws. In the course are thick, coarse ropes, usually of jute. They are wound on a base of wood, plastic or metal.
  5. Fastening and connecting elements. They should be strong, and therefore it is usually recommended to use self-tapping screws, screws, and nails. Metal and plastic corners can be used to connect the frame parts. It is preferable not to glue the fabric, but to nail it with a stapler or even nails.

How to choose an insulated cat house

When deciding how to select an outdoor cat house, it is necessary to take into account many factors. It’s not a secret that felines have different temperaments and characters. We must proceed from the fact that they choose an insulated cat house for an adult cat because kittens inevitably become so. It makes no sense to take a separate house for a small pet. They grow quickly. So, what needs to be considered:

  1. The nature of the cat. If she is shy and afraid of strangers, then you need to choose an outdoor cat shelter for multiple cats in which it will not be visible. And it should be in a secluded place. If the owner – the owner of a combat and company cat, who needs to survey all the neighborhoods, then you need to make him a place in the open area. You can even in the middle of the room.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the size of the cat house. In length, it should be sufficient to ensure that the cat lay on its side in all its growth. But it is not recommended to purchase for enormous cats.
  3. Height at which the couches are placed. In case the animal likes to climb somewhere high and sleep there, it is necessary to make him a “floor” higher. More mundane pets are suitable baskets and couches standing on the floor.
  4. The number of pets living in the house. If a cat has kittens, or the owners are so fond of their pets that they are not ready to part with any of them (as a result, a whole cat guard rushes into the house), then massive gaming and residential complex merely is needed. It should contain several outside cat houses and beds at different levels, different toys, and stairs. The cat will appreciate it.
  5. In no case should any heated cat houses have a sharp odor? Cats are very demanding on this factor.
  6. Close attention should be paid to the excellent stability of the cat houses. Too light structures can swing and fall. Active cats will avoid such a place. They will be uncomfortable there.
  7. For the animal to quickly learn a new acquisition, it is recommended to use catnip. Her scent will inevitably attract a new owner of the house.
William Samons
William Samons
William Samons is a certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and an author of numerous scientific publications. He knows everything about proper caring for animals and does his best educating pet owners on optimal pet health maintenance.


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