Welcome to the full description of dog houses with all the necessary comments. We have collected for you some precious information on criterions to consider to make a proper choice, diverse types of the dog houses, the leading producers on the market and respective prices.

When a dog appears in the house, its owners need to take care of creating a cozy place for it. Here she can rest after the games and just retire. What is better for this purpose: an ordinary bed or a dog house?

General rules to consider

In fact, the choice of bed involves many more options. But for all of them there are several general rules. Where there will be room for a dog, it must be dry and warm. In this case, it is not recommended to place the couch near the window where there may be drafts, or next to the battery or other radiators. Bath, toilet and kitchen are not the best places for pets. But in the summer the house can be placed on a glassed-in loggia.

Dogs love to be always next to the owners, so you can arrange the dog house next to its own bedroom. And when the territory for accommodation is determined, you can proceed to the choice of litter, which will serve as protection from the cold floor. This will help any online store offering products for dogs.

insulated dog house

The main criterion that affects the choice of a dog house is the size of your pet. 

  • For large breeds good check large dog house review;
  • For medium-sized wicker baskets with quilted mattresses;
  • Small breeds will appreciate cozy houses.

In order not to lose with a choice, take a closer look at the habits and preferences of your pet. Someone prefers to sleep, putting his head on the platform, someone – folds into a ball. On these grounds, you can choose the most comfortable insulated dog house.

Age is also important for choosing an igloo dog house. No matter how you want to accustom the puppy to independence, but until he turns six months old he will look for the company to sleep. At this age, he appreciates warmth and comfort. Six-month dogs can be identified box with the first mattress. Do not expect that it will last long, at this age the dogs love to gnaw everything they see. And only when the pet will get used to sleep independently and get rid of a bad habit, it is possible to think of acquisition of a solid small house or a mattress.

While selecting a litter in a pet store, give preference not to beauty, but practicality. Well, if it will have removable covers, and the cover will be made of natural materials. From synthetics, problems with wool may start. And, of course, the size is important. It’s not good if your pet has to huddle on a too small mattress.

What kind of the dog house to select

Litter or rug. If the indoor dog house is warm, this is a right place for large dogs who like to sleep, stretching out to their full height. Besides, the pet has the opportunity, within reason, to carry his bed. This sunbathing is the easiest to take care of. You do not need a lot of time to shake out the dust from it, periodically wipe it off and dry it in the sun.

The companies Ferplast, Fop, Hunter, Triol, Jusi, Trixie, offer quality litter at an average price of 270-1100 rublesl. The rate could be higher if the litter is equipped with additional functions (mat with a heating option). Please follow comfortable dog house from Trixie c non-skid base.

 Large dog house is plastic and soft. Of course, it is cozier for resting of the pet is soft sunbeds, but caring for them is more difficult. Plastic dog house is pretty solid; they do not slip and keep the shape. From sanitation, these sunbeds are preferable, since it is more practical to care. You are able to combine such a plastic lounger with a litter or cover, which you will periodically need to wash.

Soft igloo dog house are released with boards and backs, and also without them. As a rule, dogs like the first option. Sunbeds with boots are warmer, protect from drafts, besides there is an opportunity to put a muzzle on the edge of the lounger, which is very convenient. Dogs of large and medium breeds like couches that are slightly raised above the ground, that is, they are peculiar sofas. A small dog house can be the most common: it consists of a body and replaceable parts. But expensive models can be orthopedic, have heating and cooling. Many manufacturers treat beds with protective and antiparasitic agents.

Insulated dog house is preferable for representatives of large breeds since they allow ensuring the right position of the spine of a sleeping dog. But they are suitable for small dogs. Only for large dogs, sunbeds make more “spacious,” and for smaller ones – more compact stays.

Juicy, Ferplast, K & N, Snoozer Pet, Fop, Hunter, offering a wide range of products, today are the best manufacturers of beds for dogs. The price range of sun beds, depending on the materials and construction is 300 – 3500 rubles.

Air conditioned dog house is a semi-closed or closed benches. They can also look like mink, kennel-box, and cradle. Dog houses are made of soft fabrics; there are models with insulated walls – such dog houses have excellent thermal insulation properties.

Dog house is preferable to buy for little dogs of small breeds. Tiny toy terriers, chihuahuas, dwarf spitz and yorks, like to hide in them – after all, in this house the dog is warm and calm. Of course, dogs of all breeds do not mind, that their place was also a private house at the same time. The desire for security from all sides with the ability to stick only the muzzle remained in dogs from their distant ancestors. However, a outdoor dog house of large and medium size will be worth significantly more expensive than miniature analogs.

A rich assortment of dog houses is offered by Trixie, Ferplast, K & N, Snoozer Pet, Jusi. The price range of them is extensive and begins at 450 rubles.

If you are at a loss in choosing the type of wooden dog house, also pay attention to the house-transformers, which, if desired, can easily be turned into a sunbed with a side or a comfortable chair.

William Samons
William Samons
William Samons is a certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and an author of numerous scientific publications. He knows everything about proper caring for animals and does his best educating pet owners on optimal pet health maintenance.


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