Before buying the most beautiful cat carrier in a pet store, you should decide:

  • Why do you need it exactly?
  • How long it will withstand the onslaught of your cat?

The most affectionate and graceful cat, closed in cat carrier bag, feeling that it is taken out of the permanent home, turns into a furious fury and from a beautiful, but poor-quality of cat carriers to the ultimate goal of travel can reach only the handle.

Next, select the goals with which you acquire the crucial pet carriers for cats:

  • Carrying for short distances (to the nearest vet’s office);
  • For transportation on large trips (trip on a train, on an airplane);
  • To travel in the car (to the cottage or another apartment).

And having already soberly evaluated these items, we begin to select the best cat carrier carefully.

What should be in useful cat carriers?

  • Inspection holes. When the cat controls the situation, its anxiety level decreases;
  • Hard bottom. Hard soil underfoot soothes not only people;
  • Strong lock-fasteners, excluding escape;
  • An animal should not sit in three deaths, ideally if the cat inside the cat carrier can stand up to full height and take a couple of steps.

Today, there are a lot of different pet carriers for cats, cardinally different materials, sizes, etc.

To make the right choice when buying a cat carrier bag, pay attention to:

  1. The size. It is an essential criterion because it directly affects the comfort of your pet.Remember, you and I separated the purpose of the purchase of the large cat carrier? If you need it for long trips, then get a cat carrier backpack or even dog backpack from, the size of which is one and a half times more than your cat. The animal must freely rotate and change its position during the trip.For trips over short distances, a container is sufficient in which the animal can merely lie freely.
  2. The weight
  3. Carriers should be comfortable for human use.
  4. There is a temptation to get the lightest cat carrier, but there is a high risk that a powerful animal will deal with it in minutes.

How to choose cat backpack carrier?

  1. For cats and cats weighing up to 5 kg, the weight of 1.1-1.2 kg is suitable.
  2. For cats weighing up to 8 kg, a 1.8 kg carry is required.
  3. And if you have a cat kilogram of about 12, you will get him a personal vehicle weighing 2.5 kg – 2.7 kg.


So we came to one of the central questions – what material is better for cat carriers.

  • Plastic transfers are suitable for transporting animals for long distances, for air travel, etc.
  • Textiles are more compact, but not suitable for long journeys.
  • Wicker handbags are suitable for photos and one-off uses.

Types of pet carriers for cats

  • Soft cat carrier made of textile
  • Soft sided cat carrier is not smooth. Each has a built-in frame or thick walls. Here are their qualities to the owner of the animal and you need to evaluate it first – push the walls of the carrying. At the point where the force is applied, the carriage bends, but it must quickly return to its original form.
  • Carefully study the seams – reinforced plastic seams bend to check its flexibility.
  • Study the meshes on the viewing windows, whether they are qualitative enough.
  • The presence of a pocket on the outside of the textile carrying and the built-in fabric partitions (for the possibility of transporting two cats simultaneously) is a pleasant bonus to buying.

Advantages and disadvantages of tissue transfer for cats.


  • Lightweight;
  • Two pairs of handles, allowing you to carry a bag in both your hand and your shoulder;
  • Ability to store when folded.


  • Lack of a sturdy frame;
  • Wetting;
  • Quick wear (cat’s claws, which tends to break free, such a carry leaves little chance)

Cat Baskets

Woven carrying is stronger than cloth. But experts do not recommend having only a basket for transportation at home. Let’s consider more in detail why?


  • The wicker basket has rigid walls;
  • Made of natural material;
  • Light in weight.


  • Natural material easily absorbs liquids;
  • The odor is also absorbed;
  • Wicker can’t be washed.

Backpack for a cat

This format is hands-free, little different from a textile carrying bag for the owner, not for a cat.

So, the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a backpack.


  • You do not need to look for a place to put a backpack in the transport and on the road;
  • The backpack is often equipped with wheels that turn it into a cart on wheels;
  • Free hands of a man.


  • The cat is shaking.

Plastic box

Plastic boxing is already a rigid structure, which, judging by the reviews, is preferred by most experienced cat owners.

Plastic carrying for cats has its advantages:

  • Unlimited lifetime;
  • Such a carry for cats is easy to clean and dry;
  • A rigid container gives the cat a greater sense of security because it protects it from accidental touches.

But the plastic carrying for the cat has a minus, which we will not be silent about:

  • Thunder. Yes, it is inconvenient to carry her, finding her a place in transport is difficult. But in some cases, plastic transfers for cats are necessary – for example, in air travel.


Overview of the cat in such a cage is magnificent, it can not get out, but the owner feels completely calm, controlling every movement of the pet.


  • Structure reliability;
  • The rigidity of the structure;
  • The ability to take the cage with you even to the cabin of the aircraft (provided with cover);
  • Ability to leave a cage in the luggage compartment;
  • Cage is easy to clean;
  • The cell does not deform.


  • These cells are not light;
  • When you transport along the street in the rainy season, the pet gets wet;
  • When carried in hot weather – it overheats.

The choice is yours, given the range of travel, weight, and preferences of your pet.

William Samons
William Samons
William Samons is a certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and an author of numerous scientific publications. He knows everything about proper caring for animals and does his best educating pet owners on optimal pet health maintenance.


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